On the Road Again

There’s a party of 10 right behind me as I wait for my steak. Well, I should say as I continue to wait for my steak.  I’ve been waiting since breakfast to order it! The last meal on the boss for this trip.

I’m on the road again for work, sitting alone, but surrounded by people in a West Virginia Longhorn steakhouse. I’ve only been gone for 3 days, but it only takes 2 for me to start missing my family.

The party of 10 just broke into the birthday song, that should help.

I know this little time away is nothing compared to military deployments or over the road trucking and other long-term separations. But I still want to be home.

It’s my ritual to tuck the boys into bed each night. It’s my favorite time. I miss them.

My wife and I talk for almost an hour after we’ve decided to go to bed. Every night.  I miss her.

It’ll be OK tomorrow and I know these minor sacrifice help to keep them clothed and fed. So it’s OK. Just feeling my feelings. And eating them too.


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